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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  June 28, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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at crime prevention and combating homelessness. time now is 6:11. bay area homes for less than $500,000? where one of the hottest housing markets is right now. >> plus, the changes bart riders can soon expect at some market street stations. >> enjoy the cooler conditions while we have them because temperatures are about to rise. and humidity levels are about now at six: to drop. i'll explain. the retirement of supreme court >> and we are tracking a slow justice anthony kennedy sets the stage for a confirmation ride for drivers heading along highway 37. grab those sunglasses as well. you're going to need 'em. we'll take a look at your travel times coming up. ♪ i'm very honored that he chose do it during my term in office because he felt confident in me to make the right choice! >> now at 6:00, the retirement of supreme court justice anthony kennedy sets the stage for a confirmation showdown. >> plus, the search for an arsonist in the south bay following a series of cease- fires. >> good morning, it is thursday, june 28st. i'm michelle griego.
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>> and i'm anne makovec. kenny is off. let's start off your 6:00 hour with a live look outside. yeah, that is from pier 7 along the embarcadero. you can see the sun has risen on another beautiful bay area day. you can see the beautiful bay bridge there in the background. pretty. >> yes. it's time for the 'lowest prices of the season' on >> love it. >> it's like if we weren't the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your here, we would be walking ideal comfort your sleep number setting. there, right? it's so gorgeous. >> or in bed. >> that's true. and snoring? [ laughter ] >> you like walking. does your bed do that? >> that's true. it will be a nice day to go don't miss final closeout savings out for a walk later on today. on the queen c2 mattress. so if that's in your plans, now only $599, save $300. enjoy. it's the lowest price ever, the heat will certainly be on only for a limited time. tomorrow. so things are really going to visit for a store near you. change. so for now, check this view out. "salesforce tower" camera towards the east is where the sun comes up and it certainly is doing that right over the cloud coverage. so we are starting to see a little bit more of that bung in some of the clouds. you may feel the breeze east of half moon bay in the hills and east of the berkeley hills
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and then concord, antioch, fairfield. so the usual places that get the breezy spots. we are under the influence of the onshore breeze and clouds are affecting visibility in some spots at half moon bay, oakland airport and parts of the north bay. jaclyn. >> thank you. right now, we are tracking a couple of earlier problems, still causing delays. this is along southbound 680. we have had reports of three crashes just south of 84 there and certainly slowing your ride down. we have speeds that dip below 10 miles per hour. that backup stretches to 580. so your ride down to 84 is close to 50 minutes. that's a big delay. give yourself some extra time. at the bay bridge toll plaza, our speeds stay in the green. but that doesn't look green to me! some slowdowns -- there we go in the yellow. 17 minutes into san francisco. metering lights are on. investigators say an
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arsonist could be on the loose. that is after a string of suspicious fires in san jose. those fires threatened homes and homeless encampments near coyote creek. >> reporter: we are in front of the los lagos golf club. coyote creek runs through los lagos golf course and we are in front of the course right now where the fires popped up. authorities believe somebody deliberately set those fires yesterday. it started around 4 p.m. near capitol expressway and tours. that was the first fire reported. a second fire was sparked not too far away. in all, there are at least four fires in the area. los lagos golf course turned on the sprinklers to help put out flames. the fires are suspicious not only because of the timing but vallejo - which has a reputation also because of the wind direction. for crime and gang activity - is hanging onto a top spot on realtor- dot com's hottest u-s >> the wind is blowing the markets. a opposite direction toward capitol expressway so if you here's one of the last cities in the bay for less had embers in the air, would you have fires in that direction, not here. than half million dollars. vallejo has a reputation for crime and gangs. it's hanging on to a top .c's h
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market. after claiming the number one >> reporter: the fires are being looked at closely by spot last summer, it is at police and arson investigators. number 5. rankings are based authorities say there were on most listing views and fewest days on the market. several homeless encampments in the area and they saved this three-bedroom two bath some of the homeless encampments and saved the fire home in east vallejo is listed at $439,000 which is just under the city's median home from spreading to a nearby mobile home park. at this point, they say there isn't any reports of any injuries. in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the biggest announcement from the supreme court this week did not have to do with price of $460,000. >> it is a hot market. we have about a month's supply the travel ban or unions. of inventory. mean if nothing is listed after today, it would take instead, it was the retirement over a month to deplete the of justice anthony kennedy. supply. >> san francisco came in third as laura podesta reports, president trump plans to fill on the list of hottest u.s. the vacancy as soon as possible. reporter: the retirement of supreme court justice anthony kennedy has given real estate markets. president trump an opportunity new canopies could soon be to reshape the nation's highest court. coming to more of bart's >> we have to pick a great market street stations. one. we have to pick one that's in just a few hours, the going to be there for 40 years, 45 years. agency's board of directors will vote on the modernization project. according to the "chronicle," the plan is expected to be approved. the goal of the proposed covered entrances would be to >> reporter: at a rally in north dakota last night, mr. protect escalators from human waste, garbage and used
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trump says he was honored that the 81 justice chose to retire wheel he is in office. needles. enclosures at the powell and >> because he felt confident in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy. >> reporter: nominated by president reagan in 1987, civic center stations are under construction. the estimated cost of the kennedy was the key swing vote in decisive 5-4 rulings. he sided with conservatives on gun rights and citizens united and with liberals on gay marriage and roe v. wade. project, $45 million. >> looks like it will be nice. >> yeah. >> we will vote to confirm >> makes you feel better as justice kennedy's successor far as the time you spend on this fall. >> reporter: senate republicans successfully bart. >> how is public transit? it's fine. blocked president obama's nominee for an open seat i'm concerned about the roads. before the 2016 presidential election. we have a couple of problems. 37 not a major problem. democrats say this appointment should wait until after the midterm elections. this is just starting to get >> anything but that would be slow in that westbound the absolute height of direction. it's on the left-hand side of hypocrisy. >> reporter: the senate the screen. confirmation of kennedy's it's difficult to see with the replacement could hinge on bright sun. here comes the sun! lisa murkowski and susan collins, two republicans who we have 40 minutes between 80 support abortion. and 101 heading through the north bay through petaluma. >> president trump says he will nominate the successor from a list of about to dozen people. laura podesta, cbs news, new you will be tapping on the york. brakes. 15 minutes down to kastania. as you head further down >> kennedy's retirement will towards 580, the richmond/san rafael bridge, things are take effect on july 31st. right now, protests are looking good across the span. of here's a live look at 101 you understand way at an i.c.e.
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facility in portland, oregon. this video just into our newsroom shows tensions rising at the 580 interchange. traffic still light in that between demonstrators and area, as well. police. you can see there in riot gear. officers reopened the federal in the green across the richmond/san rafael bridge. eastshore freeway 20 minutes from 4 to the bay bridge toll facility this morning in order plaza. to house illegal immigrants. look at this view. pier 7 the sun coming up right the trump administration's immigration policy is under fire by some doctors. jackie ward joins us live with what they have to say. reporter: now doctors are weighing in saying even if families stay together in over that pier over the water detention facilities the health toll on children could and, yes, that's a good sign. last a long time. pediatricians and psychologists told cnn that keeping children in custody is that means we have pretty clear conditions. traumatizing and can lead to anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide. because children continue to this one another view from the "salesforce tower" camera, be held by the government at the border, more than 1,000 women are expected to march in toward the east. d.c. today. you can also see the sun glowing. so yeah, official sunrise at 5:53 this morning is over the clouds right now. here's san jose beautiful they say the current policies clear conditions yo are criminalizing immigrants the south bay. 57 degrees. santa rosa a little cooler now and children. at 46. at a recent campaign rally in livermore 55. north dakota, president trump we didn't get as much cloud coverage tonight and this spoke about immigration. morn people are coming through as the night before. so that's why today is looking and now 'sting worse ming thoud a little sunnier for a lot of because we have so much you. inland you may see that in opportunity here. your temperatures.
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it will be slightly warmer. west winds are coming in now so still feeling that coastal cool air and that's going to continue throughout the day we have done so well and we want people to come into our today before we start to see that change. country, but we want them to so i'll show you that in a come into our country based on merit. moment. half moon bay visibility down to three. oakland airport down to five. petaluma at 3. i looked at the sfo cameras and they look okay >> reporter: yesterday the house failed to pass an immigration bill. what was called the border so hopefully there will be no security and immigration reform act was intended to flight delays coming in. nice clear conditions right create a new merit-based visa program and end family separation at the border. congress leaves for their july there over san francisco. but across the east bay, 4th break this afternoon so they won't get anything else done regarding immigration before then. livermore, even concord, a logical more cloud coverage. the north bay and south bay back to you. >> thank you. also look in the clear for now. so today will be the last day of our onshore winds all because of this low. and there's a ridge of high pressure way out there. it's rignear hawaii right in his first interview now. but it's going to head towards us. when it gets close our temperatures will rise and we'll get the dry winds. since he resigned, former san for today though enjoy these francisco i.c.e. spokesman james schwab is temperatures. upper 70s, low 80s for most speaking out about what he inland spots. around the bay upper 60s and low 70s for places like oakland. but this is what's going to claims is misleading information that led to his happen. that ridge of high pressure i resignation. >> have you ever contacted the was talking about it's going to get close and as it hovers oakland mayor's office? near california, it brings us >> i never met her or those north winds. contacted her, didn't email. it's going to be very dry and never. look at our forecast.
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i would never tell her -- i triple digits coming up here would never tell anyone. >> schwab sat down after the justice department -- stepped soon. sunset happening at 8:35 down after the justice tonight. sunrise tomorrow at 5:50. the heat is on for the next few days. we won't see temperatures dip until later next week. that's your forecast. department said mayor libby schaaf jeopardized hundreds of move over, u.p.s.! arrests by giving a tip-off on amazon is planning to deliver packages in vans of its own immigration raids. during schwab's interview with cbs, agents of the department of homeland security showed up starting today. drivers who need to have $10,000 to start up their own at his door. independent business will be see more on "cbs this morning" delivering packages in amazon- at 7:00 after this newscast. in florida, two marjory branded vans and uniforms. stoneman douglas high school security monitors have lost they will be full-time employees, not contractors. their jobs. the monitors have been criticized for not confronting this is the online retailer's the gunman during the latest effort to get more control over deliver items to consumers. what washing your hands february 14th shooting. can protect against and new 17 students and teachers died information about where people in the shooting. who get the most exercise live. kenneth craig has some of the overnight in pittsburgh, pennsylvania dozens of people day's top health stories. protested outside the home of >> reporter: new statistics a police officers who a paint a picture of how many people in each state get enough exercise in their spare 17-year-old black teen. time. the centers for disease >> justice, justice, justice!! >> earlier this week michael control and prevention found rosfeld turned himself in thoff nearly one in four adults shotose three om traffic stop.
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meets guidelines for both rose did have an empty 9- millimeter handgun clip in his aerobic and muscle strengthening exercise. pockets and two handguns in 14 states and washington, d.c. have significantly higher percentages than the average. his car. in lake county, 13 states are significantly firefighters are gaining lower. ground on an explosive wildfire. the pawnee fire is burning the state with the highest percentage is colorado, and the lowest is mississippi. northeast of clearlake oaks when it comes to exercise, new research shows physical and it has now charred more activity helps patients than 13,000 acres. dealing with depression to but firefighters are making progress with containment now lower their risk of heart at 30%. the fire has already destroyed disease. the study at the university of 22 structures but the danger texas southwestern in dallas shows those with high levels is far from over with 600 more of fitness at middle age were much less likely to die from still at risk. there is also good news for heart disease later in their some of the 300 evacuees. the people in spring valley, lives. even if they were diagnosed new long valley and old long valley are free to go home. with depression. researchers say the earlier the double eagle ranch area is people start exercising, the still under evacuation orders, more likely they are to avoid though. cal fire wants to make sure people are not complacent. >> this weekend, friday night depression throughout their lives. and columbia university into saturday, we are going to researchers found washing your be back into red flag hands and frequently cleaning warnings. we are going to have high your house can protect against temperatures, low humidities, the possibility for fire growth there as well as for flame retardant chemicals added to furniture and new starts. electronics. exposure to the chemicals is linked to decreased fertility
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so please remain vigilant and be ready to leave at a and thyroid dysfunction. moment's notice. >> cal fire is using a new those are some of the day's top health stories. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. a college world series tool to stop the forward march of flames. it's 3d technology. title that got lost in the bermuda triangle. i'm dennis o'donnell. the topography of the region is projected on a sand table brandon crawford up with no score in the bottom of the 9th. the finish coming up. and from there using realtime weather data, they can get an accurate idea of where the flames are moving. this morning, the loss of potential aid for the victims in the wine country wildfires. the state assembly insurance committee approved legislation to revamp insurance rules in the aftermath of natural disasters. but lawmakers stripped another proposed bill so that now only covers those who have losses going forward. san francisco police will receive money to hire more officers despite calls to fund other programs instead. the department will receive $42 million toward police academy classes for the next two fiscal years. police other programs aimed
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the golden state warriors: the team is looking for last night marked the official halfway point of the season for the giants. they are on pace to improve last year's disastrous campaign by almost 20 wins. broadcaster duane kiper is that a fan --should be in the broadcasting booth! he made it back in time. madison bumgarner's first was also the 1500th of his career. got the ball to prove it. scoreless 5th inning. bases jammed but bumgarner got the strikeout. he pitched seven scoreless
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innings. no score 9th inning there goes brandon crawford into the arcade. walk-off solo shot. giants win 1-0 their fourth straight win. the other guys in the bay area, pretty red-hot, too. chris bassett pitched six scoreless innings for the a's in motown which seemed to be enough the way the a's have been swinging the bat. been a long season for the manager gardenhire, ejected. 27 straight road games with a home run. matt olson should have made28. that ended at 27 games. they doubled, though. jed lowrie all the way to the walled. he had the game winning rbi for the third straight time. a's win 5-0 sweeping. 5 games over .500. oregon state down to the final out in the college world series against arkansas it. appeared to be over on a foul pop-up on the first base side but three razor back players let it drop in the bermuda triangle so of course grannier got the game tying base hit
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and then a batter later trevor delivered a two-run home run for the lead and the win. they force a decisive game 3 in omaha tomorrow. nervous german fans in russia bracing for the first departure from the first round since fdr was in the oval office. game scoreless 92nd minute, south korea made him pay. south korea wins 2-0. germany's top selling newspaper called it the biggest disgrace in german world cup history. and because of that game, mexico moves on, as well. that is the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. artists.. to spruce up its new home in san francisco. this is what the chase center in mission bay will look like when create mural a different type of recruiting for the golden state warriors. the team looking for artists
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to spruce up the new home in san francisco. this is what the chase center in mission bay will finally look like when it opens in the fall of next year. the team is now giving artists a chance to create murals for the walls of the center's concourses and the exterior of the complex. anyone who is interested must submit a sample of their work to the warriors by july 30th. investigators are looking into a series of fires in san jose yesterday. details coming right up. >> the new technology being used to crackdown on bay area freeway shootings. we'll be right back.
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i got ff tbe thankful for. so this hurts a
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bunch but -- oh!! >> returning to rubble. wildfire victims head home but the threat is not over yet. >> we will probably be meeting sometime in the not to distant future. >> the date is set for a summit between president trump and president putin. >> and testing technology to crack down on bay area freeway shootings. >> good morning, it is thursday, june 28st. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. time is 6:31. let's take a live look outside. starting with the gorgeous shot there on the left-hand side of your screen there, that's the view from pier 7 looking toward coit tower. skies more blue than yesterday. on the right-hand side of your screen you can see the golden gate bridge where traffic is smooth. i wonder if some people
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decided to take off earlier for the big holiday week coming up. . >> it's about to be hot and dry. here's the skies over san francisco. it's a beautiful day. less clouds than yesterday at this time. here's a look at the sunshine. your headlines do include west winds today, just a few clouds across the bay area, but that's it. similar temperatures though this afternoon as yesterday. it will be hot and dry starting tomorrow, saturday, sunday. i'll talk about the fire weather watch coming up. we are seeing those usual delays along the eastshore freeway. but a new accident and this is on the richmond parkway right at bloom drive. it's blocking one lane. this is a hit-and-run crash so leaving the victim vehicle over on the roadway there. do expect delays. we are seeing speeds in the yellow making your way between
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80 and 580. all right. so we will take it to 80 at ashby. your ride making your way towards the macarthur maze starting to get a little low as you are approaching that berkeley curve but overall it has been a pretty light ride for drivers making their way into san francisco this morning. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. this morning, a search for an arsonist in san jose after several suspicious fires yesterday along coyote creek and the los lagos golf course. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: we are in front of the golf course and coyote creek runs through it. this is where all of those fires popped up yesterday. now, this is fire season. thhaenrounfficials say that p.m. yeda citol expressway and tours. a second one sparked not too far away. in all, there are at least four fires in the area. los lagos golf course turned
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on its sprinklers to help keep the flames away and the fires are being called suspicious not only because of the timing but also because of the wind direction. it was blowing in the opposite direction of the fires. and one of the fires came dangerously close to a mobile home park. >> we got lines on that very quickly. none of those structures was damaged. >> reporter: again, fires are being looked at closely by police and arson investigators. authorities say that there are several homeless encampments along coyote creek. and they actually were able to save some of those encampments from getting burned in that fire. right now authorities are saying no one was injured in the fire. reporting live in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. will s n place along highway 4 in contra costa county. "shotspo amid a rash of shootings a tool that can detect the location of gunfire will soon be in place along highway 4 in contra costa county.
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the chp is testing the shotspotter technology equipment today with controlled live fire exercises. it is all part of the freeway security network aimed at helping chp and other law enforcement agencies in the area investigate shootings and other crimes in real time. the network will also include cameras, which are set to be in place sometime in august. according to the "mercury news," there have been over 100 shootings on bay area freeways since 2015. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead and three others hurt. chopper 5 was over the scene as police octhat area. it happened about 6:00 last night outside a mini-mart on macarthur boulevard. so far no word on any arrests or motive. a pedicab driver y injud af- and-run in san francisco. it happened around 4:15 yesterday afternoon at sansom and the embarcadero. a light-colored sedan crashed into one pedicab which then smashed into another pedicab
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right in front of it. a family of canadian tourists had nonlife-threatening injuries. police are looking for the car involved. firefighters have finally caught a break battling that raging wildfire in lake county. the pawnee fire northeast of clearlake oaks has burned more than 13,000 acres. containment is 30%. the fire destroyed 22 structures. the danger is not over. 600 more structures still considered at risk. some of the 300 evacuees have been allowed to go back home. for rodney harper, it's just ash and ruins. >> i'm going to fight a little harder. i'm old, but i ain't done yet. forward and up, only way, it's forward or up or in the dirt! >> cal fire has been using a new tool to try to stop the forward march of flames. it is 3d technology. the topography of a region is
6:26 am
projected on a sand table and from there using realtime weather data they can get an accurate idea of where the flames are moving. a new wine country wildfire report shows a communication break down slowed the firefighting response. the civil grand jury said emergency officials were overwhelmed and undertrained when the fires broke out. according to the report, it negatively impacted evacuation efforts, alerts, sheltering systems and coordination. the grand jury recommends officials improve the system of providing mutual aid and shift its emergency response team to an agency that operates all hours of the day such as the sheriff's office. justice anthony kennedy's retirement has sparked a new political battle in the senate. senator dianne feinstein has hinted she wants to give republicans a taste of their own medicine. she tweeted: four months away from an election, there should be no consideration of a supreme court nominee until the american people have a say. leader mcconnell set that standard when he denied judge
6:27 am
garland a hearing for nearly a year and the senate should follow the mcconnell standard now. feinstein is referring to senate republicans who refused to even hold a hearing for president obama's pick to replace the late justice antonin scalia. hours after scalia's death in february 2016, majority leader mitch mcconnell said the senate would wait until after the presidential election to confirm a replacement. now feinstein and other top democrats are calling for something they have dubbed the mcconnell standard. >> our republican colleagues in the senate should follow the rule they set in 2016. not to consider a supreme court justice in an election year. >> republicans argue that it isn't the same because 2018 is not a presidential election year. after much speculation, the feds said they will not build a detention facility at the concord naval weapons station. homeland security made clear they are not planning to build anywhere in california.
6:28 am
the city does not control the federal land in question. but activists still want stronger stand. right now, protests are under way at an i.c.e. facility in portland, oregon. this video shows tensions between demonstrators and police. the u.s. attorney's office says officers reopened the federal facility this morning to house illegal immigrants. the trump administration's immigration policy is now under fire by some doctors. jackie ward joins us now with what they have to say. >> reporter: right now, this morning, pediatricians are calling the current policy inhumane and warning us of the long-term negative effects this border experience could have on children being held there. one pediatrician told cnn that separating families was, quote, government sanctioned child abuse. another said kids need to be in community-based settings, not the detention centers being used now. a woman who has been a social worker at detention centers since 2014 says it's common for children to have separation anxiety even when they stay with their families
6:29 am
because guards and staff only tell them they could be -- often tell them they could be deported if they don't behave. president trump said border agents are risking their lives to keep our country safe. >> just days ago, a brave border agent was shot multiple times while protecting our border. every day border agents are keeping drugs, crime and gangs from entering our country. we're going to get that wall built. we have already started it. [ cheers ] >> $1.6 billion. we are getting the wall built. >> today, organizers from the women's march are leading about 1,000 women to the department of justice to demand change. their website says this event is calling on all women to, quote, participate in nonviolent civil disobedience. it starts at 8:45. ss a b at was called "the border security and immigration reform act". >> what's the status in congress of the possible bill on immigration reform? >> not great. yesterday the house failed to pass a bill that was called the border security and immigration reform act. it was intended to create a
6:30 am
new merit-based visa program and end family separation at the border. >> thank you. the date is set for an upcoming summit between president trump and president putin. it's going to be on july 16th in helsinki, finland. the announcement comes a day after u.s. national security adviser john bolton met with the russian leader. president trump told reporters he wanted to discuss the conflict in syria, russian military intervention in ukraine, and several other subjects. just weeks after president trump held historic talks with north korea's leader, new satellite photos indicate the country may be making upgrades to a nuclear facility. experts say it looks like modifications were made to a plutonium reactor along with some other work. during a meeting with the president, kim jong-un proclaimed that the north is no longer a threat att will commit to denuclearize. time is 6:41. coming up, the latest on the search-and-rescue mission for
6:31 am
a soccer team trapped in a flooded cave. >> plus, a 7-year court battle between two of silicon valley's biggest tech titans ends. >> and the stock market opened about 12 minutes ago. taking a quick check on the big board, the dow is down but not much this morning about 5 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
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patent battle. the two phone giants have been fighting in court since 20-11 over the designs and functionality of their smartphones. they told a court that the apple an samsung have settled their long running patent battle. the two phone giants have been fighting in court since 2011 over the designs and functionality of their smartphones. they told the court that they have agreed to drop and settle their remaining claims. but they did not specify the terms of the settlement. amazon taking a step in the effort to challenge major drugstore chains. joining us with that story and the rest of the morning's financial news radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning.
6:35 am
amazon sending a chill through the pharmaceutical industry buying boston startup pill pack an online drugstore with licenses in all 50 states. this is something that's been expected from amazon for quite some time and holds wholesale pharmacy licenses in several states and it's formed a venture with jpmorgan and berkshire hathaway north to lower employee healthcare costs. this is sending shares lower in companies like cvs, walgreens and san francisco drug distributor mckesson. amazon stock is heading higher. the stock market coming off a trade inspired sell-off once again yesterday opening fairly flat today. let's go to the big board see how we're doing so far this morning. tech sector looking to rebound but the blue chips are down 80. nasdaq was positive now down by 8. s&p falling by 3 points. back to you. >> thank you. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this
6:36 am
morning." norah o'donnell has more from new york. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, with justice kennedy retiring we'll talk to the man who already helped choose a third of the supreme court nominees. his name is leonard leo a member of the federal society and he is here in studio 57. he will discuss what the president is looking for as a successor to justice kennedy. >> we were there when a federal agent talked to a i.c.e. spokesman after he claims the trump administration told him to lie were an administration raid. >> a new app in that tells parents why babies are crying. all that plus your eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you. concord is paying $5.5 million to build affordable housing. developers say 13-13 will be a five-story complex on galindo street near downtown. it will house veterans,
6:37 am
seniors, small families and people with disabilities. developers hope to get additional funding for this project from the state. oakland's got some fresh new pavement coming up. summer of paving kicks off today and if all goes as planned, the city of oakland is set to repave at least 25 miles of city streets over the next few months. repaving work will start on east 16th street from 35th to 37th avenues. some of these neighborhoods haven't been repaved in decades. 12 minutes now before 7:00. and no real drama on the roads just volume, huh? >> just volume. we are seeing the usual slowdowns. in fact, they are not even that typical right itely ngsome slowdowns but it's really nothing to write home b if you are, say, northbound 101, sluggish between tennant and cochran as you head through morgan hill area. we are seeing speeds in the yellow. we typically see these in the red this time of morning. and your ride heading along
6:38 am
280 northbound, that's still in the green. but you will see slowdowns 101 right near north first street. 33 minutes between hellyer and san antonio. it's usually in the red this time of the day. 27 minutes on down to 84. san mateo bridge in the yellow, 22 minutes across the span over to 101. speaking of 101, here's a live look. folks making their way in and out of san francisco. the approach to the lower deck of the bay bridge at the limit. but you will encounter slowdowns over at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's been in the red heading into san francisco. metering lights. 26 minutes to connect with 101. eastshore freeway still in the yellow. a lot of people are starting their 4th of july holiday
6:39 am
early. 27 minutes from 4 to the maze. here's the look from pier 7. our photographer set up out there to bring you this really pretty view. it's a little breezy by the embarcadero and a little cool. but you can see those flags blowing out there in the wind. so yeah, we have that onshore breeze still in effect. so just grab a sweater before you head out. let's show you our sutro camera view, as well. look at these clouds. makes for an eerie sight over the tall buildings. but you can definitely tell the winds are pushing those clouds pretty quickly there as they move past our cameras. and then this one "salesforce tower" towards the west a little bit of cloud cover by sutro camera. this is at south ocean beach. already clear conditions. temperature-wise san francisco 54. 57 san jose. 47 in santa rosa. check out those wind speeds. they are coming in from the west yet again. so another day of onshore breeze that's definitely going to be noticed out there. so that's going to help keep things cool today before things change and really start
6:40 am
to warm up tomorrow through fairfield and antioch look at that very breezy conditions through the delta. and our cloud coverage has started to thicken up over the past hour or so. so parts of the east bay will be waking up to some cloudy conditions and then south of the golden gate it looks like maybe through redwood city, a few hanging clouds there. but look what's going on. this low right here is bringing us our last day of onshore winds and then this ridge of high pressure way out there into the pacific ocean is going to head towards us. when that gets closer that's when things change and you can add about 10 even 15 degrees to these numbers through saturday. 60s through 80s today. >> as the ridge gets close to california, the weekend will be hot with winds from the north. it will be dry and hot. we have a fire weather watch friday into the weekend. lake county, sacramento
6:41 am
valley, gusts 35 miles per hour. look at the futurecast with those wind gusts. right now west winds but starting early friday we'll have north winds coming in. friday night into early saturday morning, those winds are going to get strong. when they come in from the north, it's going to really drop the humidity down. temperatures go up. there's a high fire danger for the next few days. things will cool off next week in time for the 4th of july. that's your forecast. the u.s. military is devising a strategy to help rescue that soccer team that's been stranded inside a flooded cave in thailand. an army team set up tents and equipment outside the cases where a dozen boys and their coach have been trapped for five days. they are hoping that the team found some dry places on higher ground within the cave. the rain has been creating a challenge for rescuers as they try to pump out water. the team is made up of a dozen boys ages 11 to 16 and their
6:42 am
25-year-old coach. investigators are looking into a series of suspicious fires in san jose. why investigators believe it's arson coming right up. maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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it's 6--- time for your final five... president trump is vetting good morning, i'm wilmer flores in san jose where fire investigators believe a series of fires yesterday is suspicious. they are calling it arson. it happened at the los lagos golf course along coyote creek. it all started around 4 p.m. near capitol expressway and tours. that was the first fire reported. a second fire was sparked not too far away. in all, there are at least four fires in the area. los lagos golf course turned on the sprinklers to help put out flames. the fires are suspicious not only because of the timing but also because of the wind direction.
6:46 am
it was blowing in the opposite direction of the fires. >> so if you had embers in the air, would you have fires in that direction, not here. >> reporter: police and investigators are looking into it. no injuries . police say there were homeless encampments along the creek and they were able to save some of those homeless encampments and also no homes or property was damaged in the area. in san jose, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. three minutes before 7:00. time for your "final 5." >> president trump is vetting possible candidate to replace supreme court justice anthony kennedy. the president got the justice's resignation. with republicans in control of the senate, kennedy's successor will turn the supreme court conservative for a generation. an upcoming summit between president trump and vladimir
6:47 am
putin will be held on july 16th in helsinki. president trump told reporters he wanted to discuss the conflict in syria, russian military intervention in ukraine and other subjects. the pawnee fire has burned more than 13,000 acres. but firefighters are making progress with containment now at 30%. amid a rash of shootings a new tool that n detect the location of gunfire will soon be in place along highway 4 in contra costa county. the chp is testing the shotspotter technology equipment today with controlled live fire exercises. new canopies could soon be coming to more of bart's market street stations. in a few hours the agency's board of directors will vote on the modernization project. the plan will be approved. speaking of bart, that's running right on time right now. but expect delays tonight through sunday night because
6:48 am
of single-tracking between 10:00 and closing while they are replacing power cables south of the lake merritt station. so plan accordingly. good morning to all of you. check this out. a gorgeous view of golden gate bridge. you can see it. so we don't have clouds, not too thick, messing with anything this morning except for here. our "salesforce tower" camera towards sutro tower, looks like clouds are hovering right over there. and now we have that onshore breeze again. so this will be the last day of that before everything changes starting tomorrow and into the weekend. it's going to be hot and dry. wind direction will shift now. partly cloudy now. clearer than yesterday. niles in fremont said it's a little foggy in the east bay hills on twitter. >> thank you, niles. thanks for " update."cbs this morning" is next. your next local update is 7:26.
6:49 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, june 28, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the retirement of justice anthony kennedy gives president trump the opportunity to influence american life for generations. we'll look at his choices with the conservative activist who helped to assemble the list of 25 potential nominees. first lady melania trump will reportedly tour immigration facilities again today. our david begnaud witnessed a raid on a smuggler's hideout filled with dozens of undocumented
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